Enjoy Farm-to-Table Food From Your Own Garden

Enjoy Farm-to-Table Food From Your Own Garden

Learn to grow your own vegetables and herbs

Everyone understands the benefits of organic produce, but the price tag can be a bit daunting. Treat your body and mind with care by growing your own vegetables. You can learn everything you need to know at the Rainbow Healing Center of America. Our gardening workshops will help you understand the growing process from seed to harvest. Plus, if you want to learn more about starting your own greenhouse, we have entrepreneurship-based courses to help you out.

Growing your own vegetables is the best way to ensure high-quality, pesticide-free food for your family. Learn how by joining one of our local workshops.

Pick your favorite items to grow

There's nothing better than fresh, homegrown vegetables on the table for dinner. In our classes, you can learn to grow your own...

Corn | Tomatoes | Garlic | Spinach | Onions

Lavender | Echinacea | Goldenrod | Milk thistle | Angelica

Nourish your body, mind and soul by learning to grow your own food. Contact us today to reserve a space in our workshop.

Kay's Rare Cactus and Succulent has been a Great supporter of Rainbow Healing Center of America Inc. for the pass 10 years, supporting with In-Kind services, Cactus Auction an Give Aways. Portion of all proceeds of Plant sales will be targeted for our 2020 Community/Neighbor's Against Poverty for Food Sustainability. Please call 607-699-3768 to place plant orders.

Herbal Light Minister - Is a raising "Tea of Consciousness" Ministries. Taking people back to basic ways of Healing and Preventing disease's within the "Body Temple" our herbs are grown in the Endless Mountains, in upstate NY, USA with no pesticides.