Learn a New Skill With New Friends

Learn a New Skill With New Friends

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A big part of creating a community is bringing people together. The Rainbow Healing Center of America hosts workshops and seminar classes every week. Our curriculum changes every six weeks, so there's always something new for you to learn. Build your entrepreneurship skills, learn how to grow vegetables or explore the benefits of our healing workshops.

Our classes use multiple practices to promote healing, including gardening, music, meditation and atonement. Learn more by speaking with a team member today.

Grow your own vegetables

You'll learn a lot of skills in our gardening workshops. We will...

Help you plant and grow your own vegetables
Show you how to keep your vegetables returning year after year
Teach you the basics of running your own greenhouse or gardening program

Learning something new teaches you discipline and helps your mind focus. Sign up for one of our workshops today by calling 724-343-1464.